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~ November Agenda ~
Eagles' Chase Association Board Meeting will be Wednesday, November 21st starting promptly at 1:00pm at the clubhouse. All residents welcome. 

~ News ~
To access all of the navigation links to the left you must be a resident or unit owner and register. Please give us a maximum of 24 hours to release your approval. Please consider helping a neighbor to get connected.
Gutter cleaning is scheduled for November 24th and 25th, weather permitting.  As usual, we have a 60 day "callback" warranty. Call KareCondo if needed.
There will be salt placed at the front doors of the clubhouse. This is for the use of the clubhouse only. If you are there and it is slippery, please put salt down. Please use it for your guest if you have rented the clubhouse for a party this winter. All of us helping each other.......  thank you.
The new Resident Directory is now available on the website. Paper copies can be obtained in the clubhouse foyer. Don't forget to bring your pool key to get in!
Welcome to Eagles' Chase. If you have not received a Rules and Regulations Manual, Annual Meeting Packet or the double cut key for pool and clubhouse from the previous owners, please contact KareCondo at 330-688-4900.
If you are leasing a unit from an owner, you do not need the Annual Meeting Packet, but please make sure you are registered at KareCondo. It is imperative not only to us but for you, that we know who lives in each unit.
By now you have received your Annual Meeting packet. If not, please call KareCondo and ask for a packet to be sent to you at 330-688-4900.
Fill out and return your proxy (blue paper) whether you are attending the meeting on December 6th or not. It is imperative that you do so, we must have a quorum to proceed with the meeting. Please do it now. Thank you.
Snow plow equipment was moved to the end of Sutton by Smith Road. They plan on leaving the equipment here for several reasons. It is cheaper for us when they don't have to tow it in every time it snows and since they don't need to tow it in, they can get started quicker, easier and earlier. They had previously stored it at another location which is no longer available to them.
Your pool key will now unlock the clubhouse doors again. The doors will be locked 24/7 as it was with the old doors. You need to bring your pool key with you in order to get in. Doors are not what was ordered but it looks like we will be using them over the next few years. We are presently in negotiations with the contractor.
Residents are not to be trimming trees in the common area. If you have a problem please call KareCondo. But.... all common area trees will be trimmed off roofs, dead limbs removed and general shaping this fall. Yarnell Tree Company should be starting soon. Again, this is common area trees only.
Please do not give instructions to tree trimmers as we have a contract with them and any extra work will be charged to the Association and will be passed on to you.  You need board approval before doing anything to the common area. 
Patio trees or trees within your front fence, are your responsibility.

Guest parking areas are not for residents. Yes, you can use them occasionally when you need your garage or drive clear for a couple of hours. All resident cars are to be parked in garages or driveways only.
Please tell your guests, health care worker or contractors to park in your driveway first, the guest spots second and the street as a last resort. When they park in the street, please have them keep off the grass. 
Our streets are narrow and some residents are having a difficult time getting around when multiple cars and trucks are in an area. Cars parked on roads all night is not a good idea. Several have been hit. This is a personal matter as we have private streets and you will be responsible for any damage to vehicles or property.
This is just common sense and being considerate of your neighbors.
Thank you.

~    Upcoming Events    ~
Association Board Meeting
Wednesday, November 21st, 1:00pm at Clubhouse
Thanksgiving - Delayed Trash - No Mail
Thursday, November 22nd
KareCondo Office Closed
Friday, November 23rd, For true emergencies please contact the emergency line at (330) 688-4900
Double Feature Movie Night
Thursday, November 29th, 4-6pm First Movie and 7-9pm Second Movie at Clubhouse - $1 per movie
Annual Meeting
Thursday, December 6th, 6:30 doors open for registration at Clubhouse
Game Day
Wednesday, December 12th, 1:00pm - 4:00pm at Clubhouse
Friday, December 14th, 6:00pm at Clubhouse - Bring a hors d'oeuvre to share and beverage of your choice.
Christmas - Delayed Trash - No Mail
Tuesday, December 25th

~ Fun Facts of Akron ~
  • ​​​​Situated south of Cleveland, along the Ohio-Erie Canal, Akron was the fastest growing city in America during the teens and 20s. The rubber industry attracted people from all over the world to work here. From 1910 to 1920, Akron's population went from 69,000 to 210,000. By the mid 20s, Akron's population was in the 300,000s.
  • Despite Akron’s small size compared to other Ohio cities, the city is home to The University of Akron. An interesting fact about The University of Akron is the nickname used by its athletic programs: The Zips. While you might think this name refers to the speed of Akron’s athletes, the name actually comes from a rubber shoe that was once produced by BFGoodrich, which was founded in Akron. Instead of a shoe, however, the university’s actual mascot is a kangaroo. The University of Akron is also the only school in the country to offer a degree in Corrosion Engineering.
  • Another interesting fact about Akron is that it has been home to the Soap Box Derby since 1934. Every year, parents and children from around the country journey to Akron to test their Soap Box Derby cars head-to-head. The event is so competitive that it has even led to numerous cheating scandals!