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~ News ~
To access all of the navigation links to the left you must be a resident or unit owner and register. Please give us a maximum of 24 hours to release your approval. Please consider helping a neighbor get connected.
There is an updated Resident Directory in the Member section. Paper copies are available in the clubhouse foyer.
We have noticed quite a few dog walkers, stopping, reining in their dog and standing off on the edge of the grass allowing cars to go by. This is happening no matter what side of the road the car is on. Smart move dog walkers! It takes mere seconds out of your walk to do this, possibly avoid injury and Rover will learn to sit by your feet when told! 
  • We have firm opening/closing dates because of our contract with Hastings Pool Service. Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day weekend. 9AM until 9PM.
  • Resident must accompany guest(s) at pool for the entire length of time. No glass at pool. Clean up your area when leaving.
  • No smoking at pool or immediately outside of gate. Be considerate. Dispose of butts properly.
  • Our new green space is not a dog park. Dog on leash and leash in hand. Pick up poop. 
Have you changed your phone number? Discontinued your land line? We are finding that there are quite a few phone numbers on the registry that are not working numbers. That means KareCondo does not have a phone number for you either. Please make sure that your phone number is up-to-date by calling KareCondo with your new number.
Are now available in their respective Members area.
Are now available in the clubhouse library.
Nichols Fencing has most of the new pool fence installed and ahead of schedule.  Waiting on custom made metal gate, which should be in early May.
The new front doors of the clubhouse along with the back storage door by the pool entrance will be installed May 9th. Won't you be happy not to read about this any longer?
Don't get too excited just yet. Each winter, on average, our risk of frost is from October 11 through May 4. Almost certainly, however, we will receive frost from October 25 through April 18. We are almost guaranteed that we will not get frost from May 19 through September 27.
Board members traditionally do a spring walk-thru to assess the general condition of the property and to choose projects that can be afforded to be completed in the upcoming year to improve general overall appearance. This walk-thru will be late April or early May. The walk-thru is not to determine what needs done on each individual unit (186) but the entire property (39 acres - 19 streets) as a whole. 

~ Need Board Approval ~
Need board approval for an improvement or replacement for your condo for example: windows or doors, contact KareCondo at 330-688-4900. They have the authority to approve most work quickly. Any variances or larger improvements will be turned over to the Board of Directors for a vote. These larger modifications must have photos/plans submitted at time of request. These "Before" and "After" photos will become a permanent part of the unit's file.
Thank you.

We all need to slow down driving through the property. Speed limit is 20mph. There have been near misses with walkers and dogs recently that were just too close not to mention. Our streets are narrow and both driver and walkers are responsible for their actions. We need drivers to slow down and we need walkers to dress to be seen at night and keep their dogs reined in. The long leashes are detrimental to your furry family especially the retractable sort. This year already, a dog was hit and killed at Brookwood. It happens, sorry to say, and not only does the owner suffer but how would you feel if you were the driver? PLEASE slow down as a driver and PLEASE as a walker, walk facing oncoming traffic, wear light/reflective clothing at night and have complete control over your dog at all times. 

~    Upcoming Events    ~
Friday, April 26th, 6:00pm at Clubhouse - Bring hors d'oeuvre to share and beverage of your choice
Artisan Showcase
Saturday, May 4th, 1:00pm - 4:00pm at Clubhouse - Display your talent or join us for a glass of wine and stroll the showcase.
Game Day
Wednesday, May 8th, 1:00pm - 4:00pm at Clubhouse
Monthly Board Meeting
Wednesday, May 15th, 1:00pm at Clubhouse
Pool Opening Party!
Friday, May 24th, 6:00pm at Pool with Live Band (weather permitting)
Memorial Day
Monday, May 27th, No Mail Delivery - Trash Delayed: Pick up on Saturday

~ Gardening in April ~
Brought to you by Dayton Nursery:
April 19 -Install a peony ring to garden peonies now before growth continues
April 20 - Top dress perennial beds with a thin layer of Sweet Peet
April 22 - Plant trees and shrubs
April 23 - Till in Sweet Peet for new garden beds or mulch with Sweet Peet for existing beds
April 24 - Start spraying roses with Neem Oil & Bi-Carb to keep blackspot and insects at bay
April 25 - Last day to plant bare root trees, shrubs and fruits
April 26 - Apply a thin layer of mulch to landscape beds after edging