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~ News ~
To access all of the navigation links to the left you must be a resident or unit owner and register. Please give us a maximum of 24 hours to release your approval. Please consider helping a neighbor to get connected.
The minutes from January board meeting have been posted to the website.
Jackson Hunter will be returning to fix plowed up grass and rocks that have been shoved.  This happens every winter and by May all is fixed.
We recently sent out a letter to those who did not vote or voted no for the insurance amendments to our Bylaws. The letter is a very simplified explanation of the most important reason these amendments need to pass. We are only asking for your vote in favor of the insurance amendments, as Amendment C, the tennis courts has failed. Please consider the financial health of our association and vote yes for Amendments A & B. Our Bylaws are over 30 years old and need to be updated to work in conjunction with today’s insurance policies. We only need a few more votes to pass the insurance portion, please return the ballot by February 23rd.
  • The property itself is monitored for the 2" trigger. That means, the time that 2" has accumulated here at Eagles' Chase is the time the plows show up. For example, early this week it was close to 9am before the plows came, last week it was closer to 5am.
  • It can take up to 4-5 hours to shovel and plow 19 streets, 186 drives, 187 sidewalks, and around 40 guest parking spots on 38 acres. Our streets stretch 2.6 miles. That is well pass Summit Mall.
  • Asphalt is not to be plowed "clean". More damage to asphalt is done with the scraping of a plow than most other influences.
  • Did you know that Hampton Ridge Drive is a city owned street? They get plowed and salted when the city of Akron does Smith Road hill.
  • Salt does not instantly melt ice and its effectiveness drops right along the with the temperature especially at 20 degrees and below.
  • It is and always has been the unit owner's responsibility to de-ice sidewalks and driveways. 
The Eagle Eye, starting January 2018, will be arriving to your home, every month, in your association fee statement envelope from KareCondo.  It will no longer be put in mailboxes or sent by email from the association. If you submitted the agreement to KareCondo to receive all association correspondence by email, which includes your statement, the Eagle Eye will be included as a pdf attachment.  You can also read it here, but must be registered and signed in.

~ Special Announcement ~
Did you recently receive a letter from your mortgage company stating that Eagles’ Chase insurance policy was canceled and you must provide proof of insurance?  
Eagles’ Chase is still with State Farm but it is a new policy with a new agent.  If you have been contacted, send the bank letter to Ashlee Barringer at KareCondo and she will handle this for you.  This also applies to
home equity lines of credit.

~ Attention Please ~

~ FYI ~
City of Akron Water Department has been promoting waterline insurance.  You may have seen a flyer inserted with your water bill.  Take comfort in knowing that this is not a unit owner’s responsibility.  Eagles’ Chase declaration states that the pipes that run from the street to the building are the property of the association, therefore the responsibility of the association.

~    Upcoming Events    ~
Bridge Club
Friday, March 9th, 12:00 - 4:15 at Clubhouse
Daylight Savings - Spring Forward
Sunday, March 11th
Game Day
Wednesday, March 14th, 1:00pm at Clubhouse
Association Board Meeting
Wednesday, March 21st, 1:00pm at Clubhouse
Friday, March 23rd, 6:00pm at Clubhouse
Game Day
Wednesday, April 11th, 1:00pm at Clubhouse